Thursday, August 23, 2007

America's BaddaD©™®

The things people say. The "crimes" of which we are accused. It's not our fault ... but it must be admitted there are some bad apple dads in the barrel.

Currently, Lie'n Seacrust is begging you to call or text in your votes (at your expense) for this summer's BaddaD©™®. From one quirky corner of dadland, skips MIT's John Donovan Sr., who shot himself in his stomach to take revenge on his son for allegedly hiring a Russian hit man. And out of a dark alley in Chicago knuckledrags his worthy opponent Frank Calabrese (Earlier: Following Footsteps), who is on trial because one son ratted him out. Another, a convicted loan shark, walked out of court yesterday rather than give him the thumb-up as a role model and caregiver he called for as he ended him defense in the "Family Secrets" trial.

Votes are still being counted.

** Anyone willing to work at it can be a bad guy and good dad. But, like anything fatherhood-related, it's not easy. **

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