Monday, January 7, 2008

Genius, Not Genius and Cooking

It doesn't take a genius to be a good dad. Not that a genius couldn't do the job, just that great smarts are no guarantee. Being stupid doesn't help or guarantee anything either. Such are genius Galileo Galilei and not-genius Jamie Spears.

The former — who first observed Jupiter satellites Io, Europa and Callisto a few years ago (1610) today — had three kids out of wedlock in a Roman Catholic country and shipped the two girls off to a monastery since he couldn't marry them off. Escaping the fate was son Vincenzo, named after Galileo's musician father, who was left free if not smothered in love.

The latter reveres as "a god" the idiot pop-psycher Phil McGraw — who nevertheless seems to be a reasonable father — andis going so far as to have him try to clean up the mess he and wife Lynn have made for daughters Britney and Jamie-Lynn.

** Fathering is like cooking while always being search for the secret ingredient. **

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