Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rue This

The LA Times article "Changing Abortion's Pronoun" about men fighting laws opposing abortions closes with one man's vision of a multitude of male protesters waving signs of regret at "their" abortion.

The person with the vision chose to leave a check for $200 as a goodbye present when one girlfriend had an abortion years ago and wasn't that troubled when he sent off another girlfriend to abort "his" child. Now, a father — hopefully a conscientious and wonderful one of five fabulous kids — he regrets the "stain" on his soul and is supporting anti-abortionists. Would he have been as good a dad? That he can't answer ... at least for the person interviewing him.

Perhaps his vision should be of the multitude of his current compadres in this campaign making public their regret at not being responsible partners and wearing condoms before they were ready to dadicate their lives.

** Be a dad. Take responsibility. **

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