Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Whether a dads sacrifice for his kid(s) is big or small is always one of opinion.

How hard is it to give up the opportunity to continuing as Guernsey's deputy treasury minister as is the choice of Jonathan Le Tocq. In standing down, he claimed, "At the moment my three daughters are all in their teenage years and I’m very aware as a States member there is a lot of pressure on them and they have suffered from that."

Is this sacrifice more or less noble — or, does it really make any sense to even try to compare? — than Cy Chambers hot footing it through burning coals to raise money for research into the spina bifida from which his daughter, Ella, suffers? Or, can it be spoken in the same breath as the emotional sacrifice leading to the material one of David Hendry, who will allow his head to be shaved to raise money for Ipswich Hospital in memory of his daughter Amanda, who passed 15 years ago.

Or, should we just accept that dads sacrifice? A given. Some more; some less. All do ... and should.

** Keep eyes on the prize: the kids. **

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