Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daddy Daredevil

The cliches and seemingly timeless maxims tumble forth. A dad would jump through any hoops for his kids; a man's got to do what he's got to do; every day you're a daddy you face danger; from the moment your first child is born your feet leave the ground ....

That none of those have any relation to this week's Objet d'eBay doesn't mean it couldn't have served as a wonderful metaphor. It doesn't. But it could ....

There is some connection — definitely genetic, possibly cultural — between old Evel and son with his first wife, Robbie Knievel, the only of Evel's kids who followed in his flight path and just jumped a herd of trucks to break (?) his father's world record of jumping over a flock of buses. (When you convert slide rule notches to abacus beads you are well on your way to translating buses into trucks — for jumping record purchases anyway.)

Just before his leap in Mason, Ky., "Kaptain" Robbie (who began jumping over stuff at age 4 and is ever available to power over your junk, just let him know) is said to have sent praise to the late daredevil sire, saying, "I'll be up there to see you soon, Dad, but hopefully not today."

** Every dad must face the leap of faith. Some master it. **

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