Friday, May 23, 2008

Daddy (Dog) Days of Summer

Here's a celebration of fathers mothers can start planning for (i.e., being on the lookout for the perfect "greeting" card).

July 5 will mark the 100th anniversary of Father's Day in the States. It's not that dads actually care a hoot about the cards — this is some sort of (generally speaking) women delusion for insincere sentiment expressed in caricature, ink and cardboard — but they still are a market for cards. And so Hallmark (among others) is hot on the commercial case.

This year they are not only noticing that not all dads appreciate being accused of being the stereotypical goof, but they are even going so far as encouraging dads to dance with an online and touring contest.

Once again, the Hallmark father moment promotion will involve MC Hammer — father of A’keiba Burrell-Hammer who was part of the MTV kiddies "Rock the Cradle" and five others.

Last year's version:

** Not only will he be forced to cookout, now daddy will also have to get his boogie on. Next, he'll have to do it at the same time ... can't we ever just let him be? **

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