Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Intentions; Dumb Results

In general, fathers are superheros; shoulders to cry on when a relationship sours; providers of sustenance; and often a source of a laugh at difficult times. But specific pops at particular times do f*up in those roles.

Two dads in Britain, members of Fathers4Justice — a rabble rousing bunch of lads ticked at mums getting more kidtime — dressed in superhero costumes and "scaled" the roof of British Minister for Women and Equality, Harriet Harman. She moved out of the house. One dad is and one dad will shortly be under arrest. They look foolish and, oh yeah, how are they helping their kids again?

In other HUHnews from the UK, Mitch Winehouse announced he was upset with daughter Amy for her "affair" with a roadie/manager while husband Blake is behind bars ... not that he is any fan of the druggie hubbie. And how was going public with that going to help her?

From music to film, there is a news item that a thin dad served his thin (but apparently not unhealthily so) daughter a fat-free- sugarless birthday cake. Father and Bollywood mainstay Anil Kapoor was just trying to de-chub daughter Sonam since all the competition were competitively sticking it out.

And, finally, there is the stone soup of pop culture created by Lionel Ritchie. Trying for a chuckle, he only managed to remind the public of his daughter Nicole's heroin addiction, poor taste and other criminal endeavors.

Maybe we could blame the heat for their brain spasms?

** Stupid does put the kebosh to good intentions. **

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