Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dads and Movie Cameras

It's probably too much to insist upon although it is still nice to say that a father is catalyst for the story, no matter what kind of movie is being made.

That a dad is always the story, even when he isn't, is the quick takeaway from a look at recent film news. One's eye may be drawn to the article because of the Mariah Carey picture or headline, but the movie in which she is featured, Tennessee, tells the (tearjerking) story of brothers racing against mortality in a search for their estranged father.

There is also The Alaska Ranger Film Project, which will document the experience of Karen Jacobsen in her travels to learn about the father who set to sea after divorcing her mom and lost touch with his daughter.

And just a click away is the version of Star Trek that comes from the imagination of Paul Jones, a father of two, who was hooked on the television fantasy while sitting with his dad and watching uber-father figure William Shatner steer his crew (like pop guiding his kids at a carnival) through the universe as envisioned by father of two, Gene Roddenberry.

Maybe it always is dad?

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