Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unmarried (Teen) Dad Smackdown

Among the newest paths to celebrity is fathering the child with a girl/woman to whom one is not married, perhaps not even with in a relationship.

What happened while I was sleeping?

New teen hearthrob Levi Johnston [Earlier: Teen Dad] discovered celebrity as father/groom-to-be for teen m-to-b Bristol Palin. While the hunky hockeyist may be very similar to BP's first dude dad, — and there is recent science again insisting that daughters favor the looks of their father — suddenly there is a possible smackdown for his celebrity.

"Kevin," an LA urban rap artiste claims via YouTube that he's the real spermmaker behind Bristol's bulge:

Call him, Bristol. Because if you don't, he's obviously a guy on the go (maybe not something to be said for LJ) and he still has time to step up and claim the paternal spot of Minnie Driver's baby daddy.

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