Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Would Bob Say?

This week's objet d'eBay, a photo from the 50s sitcom "Father Knows Best" signed by show daughter Lauren "kitten" Chapin, could be the perfect relic to build a contemporary religion around.

Robert Young, playing insurance — and what could be better in these perilous times — salesman Jim Anderson in the show that moved from radio to TV offered comfort and common sense. Of course, off stage and in real life things were not as serene as the picture projected. [Earlier: What a Father Really Knows] However, in the current Crash of 2008, with terror and fraud in nearly every headline, it may be time to think back to the lessons we think we learned from good old Jim, since he never seemed to do anything but bring calm (and good reading habits) to the world.

Worship, study and reflection at the video altar begins here.

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