Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oscar nominations are announced, which can only mean one thing. It's time to complain that we need more films about fathers.

Already in the running for next year's award as Best Foreign Language film is the just-released Italian production, "Four Single Fathers," filmed in the US as well as Italy and an advertised comedy of men dealing with kids and ex-wives.

Two movies waiting to be made — actually, waiting for the treatments to be created, sold, scripted and then filmed — is the story of Gary Johnson, who is being asked to choose between paying the $3,800 hospital bill for the birth of his daughter or marry the mother. Obviously, he should take care of his child, but that shouldn't require him to marry the mom. So, two questions that could drive the plotting: 1) why hasn't he paid the money already; 2) Could he marry and then divorce or annul to get out of the bill?

The other movie-to-be concerns golf. (GOLF! Are you listening Hollywood? People, apparently, love watching others take this ball-whacking walk.) Paul Goydos, 44, is taking time from his journeyman ways on the tour to take care of the daughters who have been in his custody since his divorce from their mother, who has just died. Naturally, in the film, he will come back to the tour a greater man and outduel Tiger Woods at some major major golf championship.

And that's what we have to look forward to moviewise.

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