Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meddling in the Middle

Moderation being the key to all things, fathers have to learn how to meddle in the middle. Don't ruin things by getting too much involved or by not being engaged at all.

So, retired Rev. R.H. Schuller's family and faith impositions on son Rev. R. A. Schuller is responsible for the cracks currently shattering the Crystal Cathedral. However, the future of the Suleman octuplets (and their six sibs) seems fraught with lots of naught unless a father figure can be found, since there is apparently no actual father to be relied upon.

What's a father to do? Obviously, one can never be sure of most missteps until long after they'e been taken. However, the one idea that seems absolutely sure-fire is to acknowledge the genius of actress Kate Winslet's father and make your daughter pay for calls to her boyfriend.

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