Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Up

"I got another one coming in '09, yeah! That's what's up!" says rapper Nasty NASir of the baby (his second, her first) he has on the way with milkshaking wife Kelis. He's married, no longer the gangsta player who dueled Jay-Z in a relatively silly war of words for a few long years. And so the the question is where on the spectrum of new dads Nas will fall.

Will he be a one thing to the outside world and something else at home as suggested by the new U.S. Marine Corps policy that allows the men it hammers men into fighting machines 10 days of paternity leave for new fathers and nearly three weeks off if they are adopting? Or will he just be an insane man who is unable to see anything but himself, no matter what he is supposed to be looking at like the Irish dad who sued (and lost) the midwife for €38,000 because she politely asked him to give her a moment without his sticking his video lens in her business while she performed an emergency procedure following the unplanned Caesarean birth of his new baby.

While most people asking what kind of dad Nas will be only care about him as a celebrity, the more important reason for asking the question is to find out what kind of child he'll have. After all, despite what some people say (or sing), it's not that easy to get a new dad if the old one isn't working out.

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