Saturday, March 7, 2009

And Even Stranger When the Cameras Aren't Rolling

For reasons unclear, the feature on "Top RealityTV Dads" should be noted, even though the folks behind it do seem to be stretching the concept to come up with eight dads. On the other hand, it should be noted they didn't work too hard, leaving off the philandering hard ass Bill Loud who was part of America's original reality show, the 1973 sensation "An American Family."

Reviewing reality dads, however, isn't the same as learning about real dads. Truth being stranger than television, imagine the surreality of just another day in the life ... as Barack Obama interrupts trying to stop the world from collapsing to head off to a parent-teacher conference or retired Seattle police officer Lusher tries to face the world after his 38-year-old son dresses up in one of his old police uniforms in a botched B&E.

Reality, indeed.

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