Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Good Deed ...

This morning's peace was shattered by Thing 1 raising a rumpus, unable to accept that someone (i.e., WD) might think that a polite request did not guarantee receipt ... there was also the matter of what was being asked for

So daughters complicate a father's life. A given. However, it is also worth noting — at least for some points of context — that dads can complicate daughters' lives as well from acts done out of kindness or a sense of duty. Elisa Wilson, daughter of famed investor Mario Gabelli is now being subject to unwanted scrutiny of her life thanks to her dad sticking her on the board of his publicly traded investment company. So dad has arranged for a meganormous paycheck and ginormous headaches.

Perhaps Wilson should have given a call to Elizabeth Murdoch before accepting the post. Murdoch was tapped by pop Rupert to join the board of his News Corp, but she turned him down, seeing immediately how being helped to step towards taking over her father's company could severly damage her current activities.

Of course, neither Wilson nor Murdoch have the problems of poor Meghan McCain. Her dad felt the call to run for president. And now she's not happy with her sex life.

So is the lesson here to remember to not even think about doing something nice for your daughters or your country,because it will most likely backfire on them ... and you?

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