Friday, April 10, 2009


While a father's day in court is often not a happy one, recently there have been a few high points.

There's the decision from Ontario in AGL vs. KBD, which followed up the previous decision to give a father more access to his kids with a $35,000 fine against the mom for getting in the way of the father. There was also the Michigan case deciding a father whose girlfriend gave away their baby would be given the right to raise his now 5-year-old.

And, presumably coming up shortly, is a favorable decision to bail out a father-of-ten, Oklahoma baptist preacher Keith Burkhart, from the charges that he is also a deadbeat dad owing $75,000 for fleeing responsibility for three children 1,000 miles away. Burkhart says he has never met the kids and that the Pennsylvania court pursuing him is really looking for a man with the same name, but a different social security number and birthday.

It may not be much, but in tough times it is important to grab at every sliver of good news.

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