Monday, April 20, 2009

Low Man

Thing Two is a great shopper and horrible buyer. WD too, except when something has to be purchased as was just the case with T2 needing a dress for an event.

Off we trundled to Loehmann's — is it called that because it is not a place for men or because "High Woman's" doesn't sound couturey? — only for me to discover the need for a course for dads or daughters or both on how to shop together. No tension when we shopped individually. No sale either.

If only we had decided to scale Kilamanjaro together to raise money for a cancer kid, or jointly to trot through the Boston Marathan path or even to start a band then perhaps there would only be smiles in the daddy-daughter future.

But none of those simple challenges will be part of our present or future together time. Like rats in a textile maze, we are doomed to yell across racks and racks of schmattes, a father and daughter bonding in off-price purgatory.

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