Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunshines and Meadow

Just as Sunshine Cleaning is opening, with Alan Arkin as the knockabout loser dad in a cosmic sense reprising his role in Little Miss Sunshine — in which he played the knockabout loser (and eventually corpse) grandpa — we get the inspiration for his next role as a knockabout loser father convenience store robber.

Kittitas County (Wash.) sheriff's office folks seem to have a pretty strong feeling that Robert Daniel Webb (cap L LOSER) is on the lam after prematurely engaging in the traditional spring rite of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (Apr. 23 is the date circled on the office calendar). Webb's 9-year-old daughter was enrobed in a pink coat as he held up an ampm convenience store. The "daring" father-daughter duo — and certainly you can almost already see Arkin and his Little Miss co-star Abigail Brennan in their strikingly unpimped Corolla ride) snatched the $200 and are making tracks heading east, although if they quickly turned south they still might be able to make it to a Hollywood screenwriter before the police get them.

Did I forget the punch line? Webb's daughter's name is Meadow, which seems like a pretty obvious cue for an actor who has just played in two Sunshine movies.

HEY, Arkin, father of actors Adam and Matthew and famous as well for his 1969 Popi (see below) , are you listening here? It's Kismet calling about your career.

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