Friday, June 5, 2009

Multiple-Mania in the Media

It's celeb son in the news day with beleaguered and battering Bobby Brown dropping the news that he has now fathered through his manager and the still loaded Lance Armstrong tweeting his baby boy.

Brown has four older kiddies and Armstrong has three (and, ironically, is rumored to have broken up with Sheryl Crow, who he took up with while married, so as to avoid having a fourth). However, the multiple childmaker most laudably in the news is former heavyweight champ &mash; and gas grill guy extraordinaire — George Foreman, father of five George's and five daughters not all named Georgina.

King George is back in the headlines as III makes his pro-boxing debut this Saturday, not that the elder is making this his thing. As he told "You’ve got be careful with the father-son thing.”You can have the best intentions. But you have to know not to cross that line. I have to keep my place and let him be his own man. But you can help him the gym and tell him everything you know about the sport."

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