Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giving the Audience What It Wants

Introducing himself to the readers of MomLogic, Token Dad brings the predictable shtick (e.g., "Moms buy tomatoes ... Dads buy ketchup"), even if is in the unpredictable guise of a SAHD.

He knows his audience. Dads are blunderers challenges no reader in the same was as, say, how a dad did best by crushing his son's hoop star dreams with a single game of one on one. And a cheap laugh is much more fun than how a dad can lose his own anchor and become the neighborhoods, as in "Quiet Chaos," the new movie about a widower with a 10-year-old who just hangs out on a bench. And it is certainly true that the oaf dad in the picture is much more comforting to most than even the most thoughtful tales of European boomers searching for the American GI dad they never knew.

Maybe someday TD will challenge as well as entertain, will transform before his audience from "Stepin Fetchit" to "Go and Get it YourSelf ... and I mean now!" However that will require a change in his audience (hopefully) more than in himself. Still, here's hoping.

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