Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Dallas Dad

Aspiring rocker William Bynum, 32, has become a famous dad (at least momentarily and in the Dallas area) for bringing his daughter home after her mother (i.e., not his wife) abandoned the newborn in a hallway of the apartment complex where she lived with her parents.

Given the exclamation points he sprinkles on his MySpace page, it seems he's pretty happy. And you have to assume daughter Rhiannon Bella is much more satisfied to be out of the hallway. How the path of daddy-fame will influence the daughter is a story for the future. No telling at this point, but it seems unlikely she'll spend her days turning this way and that to see his face selling "revolution" as does Aleida "daughter of Che" Guevara, who has become a spokesperson for Cuba as the embodiment of the romance of her father. More possible is that she, too, might follow a musical path and years from now folks will be able to consider both his acts and his DNA when they listen to her sing her stories — much as critics can consider the influence of daddy Hank Jr. on daughter Holly Williams' new album, "Here with Me."

Perhaps it's best to leave the speculation for another day. For today: all congrats and best wishes to the new Texas popi.

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