Friday, July 17, 2009

Polygamy Post

South African Prez Jacob Zuma not only has to worry about a troubled country, but also his 19 children by 5 wives. Good luck to him, although if he wants to make sure that all 19 and are his so as to reduce his burdens, a British chemist is offering a possible off-the-shelf biological bond testing solution.

It is certainly possible that the many children of one man may all feel loved — even as in the case of a American mormon polygamer who had 47 kiddies with 7 wives — but it seems an unikely scenario. While there is no way to know for sure before the face whether the seed spewing man can be a good father to many, there is debate coming from Angola that would go against the current world tide and legalize polygamy (and possibly the female version, polyandry, as well) freeing up the the father-to-be-and-be-and-be... if he could afford it.

Fortunately for everyone, Zuma (as long as he stays out of jail) can afford it.

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