Monday, July 13, 2009

Rodeo Pops and Kids

The Glovers, Chris and Cole, had a pretty good Father's Day, with son Cole outroping pop Chris in Grover, Colo. It's sort of a family tradition: "It's just the greatest to get to rodeo with your son,” Chris said. “I got to do it with my dad, and now I get to do it with my son." [Earlier: PFs in the News]

However, it is not just a Glover tradition, but a national one, as fathers introducing sons to the Rodeo can be found even in such unlikely places as Monroe Township, N.J., where Ernie "Junior" Allo alternates between coaching t-ball and wrasslin' steers, both to his son's pleasure.

And, as with all father-son things, the tradition is also spreading out, gender-wise. Lee "Boogie" Ray will surely someday soon be watching McKenzie, 11, and/or Maci, 10, playing a big part in rodeo's around the country, just as he does now when he takes the family with him as he hits the circuit and the girls pick up the lifestyle.

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