Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweeping Dust from the Corners

From the less interesting niches of daddom on a very slow news day:

  1. Proud Parenting (a site catering to gay dads) has 8 "tricks" to getting kids to sleep, almost as if kids of two fathers might somehow sleep differently.
  2. (a new web site devoted to some of the plainest vanilla commentary and trying to get visiting fathers to click on advertisements) has the scoop that dads like grills and Sears is offering discounts.
  3. Alison has her dad on her show, "The Daily Alison" (again), but this time to announce he is selling his car and — at a little less than 4 minutes — to go on and on about his daughter and John Wayne:


Anonymous said...

I was on Daddy Planet the other day for the very first time and I actually like the movie review on Bruno and the coupon codes.

whinydad said...

WD thanks the folks from DP for reading the googlealert that they'd been mentioned somehow, somewhere and [anonymously ... don't tell anyone] stoppng by.