Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good

In today's policing blotter we have one dad arrested who (fortunately) does seem to outweigh with glory the ignominy of another two.

Ridiculous fathers getting pulled in to the pokey include Dayton, Ohio's Gary Rodgers, who left his five kids — 2-year-old twins to a 10-year-old daughter — to stew in home filth while he wandered off to the bar. Equally poor-choicing is a Texas pop who left his 7-year-old daughter in the truck while he went off to break and enter. He was shot and she proved a reliable witness, letting police know that he dropped off evidence along the route they took to the hospital.

The man covering fathers in honor — although he did get arrested for doing it — is the Iranian father who was arrested for letting people come to his house in order to honor the life of the son who was killed in the recent election protests. Not only did he stand up for his slain son, but he also taught his other sons well, as they insisted on accompanied their father as he was taken by security forces.

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