Saturday, August 29, 2009

On the First Day

Once again this year The Black Star Project is encouraging fathers to be part of the Million Father March, walking their child(ren) to school on the first day as a sign of commitment and involvement.

Walking is always a good idea. Involvement should be a given in a father's life. If, however, you happen to have a helicopter handy, and think you are involved enough in your son or daughter's education, there is also the way of Bart Sutherin to — as he put it — "...make a positive impression on the other students." He and son Joseph, dropped from the sky via helicopter on the boy's first day of high school. The administration, not having been informed, was quite unhappy with the landing amid temporary classrooms.

While the helicopter is out, Thing 1 and 2, being standard kids of the suburbs, would likely be content with the stretch hummer limo dropoff. Let me give it a moment's thought ... and, now, over and done with. Walk safely kids.

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