Sunday, August 2, 2009

Onesie Wonder

It is, of course, ridiculous to use a baby as a billboard. Still, rather than let the kid do the talking for the father, too many put words into (pull words out of?) his or her mouth. And so it is with today's objet d'Ebay, a cutie-pie onesie positing the conceit that a newborn has any idea at all about father coolness.

More intriguing — tatoo and billboard related — is the tale yet to be completed of a Bloomington, Ill., man who is allegedly offering his arm for advertising in the interest of raising money to go to nursing school and take care of his daughter. An eBay search turned up no such auction.

Another story of dads and tatoos yet to be completed is the "search for the unkown soldier" being conducted by a Duluth (Minn.) lass. She picked up the "I Love You" note from the soldier's daughter that he was having transcribed onto his body before he left for Iraq and — being inspired enough to honor her own father through tatoo — she carried the note around for a year and would like to return the note to the dedicated/decorated dad, if she can find him.

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