Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dads' Poll Bearers

Admittedly it's only daddy intuition that says so, but we got scr**ed by Liberty Mutual.

To peddle a few more policies they are promoting a survey maligning fathers as worser steerers than mothers. The survey comes up with results like

"Moms are more likely than Dads to follow precautions to protect their teen while on the road, such as asking that their teen call them when they reach their driving destination (89 percent of Moms vs. 79 percent of Dads)..."
as if demanding a call was the same as protecting a kid. And it relies on self-reporting without taking into account the greater likelihood of a man bragging about screwing up something when the outcome doesn't cause a problem. It seems to offer no controls about who drives when or how much and, as reported, seems about as statistically valid as an online poll discussing Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin as BFFs.

But it's out there. It will be quoted. So, thank Liberty Mutual. Why again couldn't you just stick to suing other insurance companies and leave fathers alone.

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