Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Evil d. Good, Again

An unfortunate life lesson is offered with two recently published books.

St. Louis Park's (Minn.) Lloyd Svendsbye has written about growing up with an honorable man. His memoir is titled with his father's death bed statement about his contentment with life: I Paid All My Debts. Svendsbye, a Norwegian immigrant, created a life from the Minnesota soil, fighting against the harsh climate and through the Depression, among other farming challenges.

Queens (N.Y.) Victoria Gotti has also recently penned some thoughts about her dad. This Family of Mine talks about growing up as the child of a thief, extortionist and killer. With her brother and sister chiming in with publicity to help remind folks about their dad's evil — even as they claim he was practically the stereotypical loving papa at home — it seems pretty likely that the heinous will vastly outsell the virtuous.

Presumably (hopefully), the afterlife reward varies significantly from the one here on earth.

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