Friday, October 2, 2009

We'll Get to "Kidnapping" by School Week 16

As sweet as it is that Oak Grove Primary School kindergarten has a whole week devoted to a "Date with Dad," it is a bit worrisome that the class is scheduled to only master one letter a week (DwithD is the fourth, "D," week of school). Are these Mississippi kids no tgoing to be able to spell and use in a sentence the word "dumb" until the 21st week when it's "U's" turn to be mastered?

Unfortunately, fathers coming to school and being a special part of their childrens' lives is something Tennessean Christopher Savoie can currently only dream about. He frets in a Japanese jail while prosecutors work out what the punishment should be for attempted kidnapping of his own children (assuming he actually did). It's a bit complex, but he's married in the US to a woman who is not his ex-wife/mother-of-his-children, but still technically wed to the Japanese woman who claims full custody and tried to cut him out of his son and daughter's life by hieing with them back to her native land of the rising sun (n.b, for Oak Grove Primary: it's "u" not "o").

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