Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comedy Yes, Sleep and Kitsch No

One father's kitsch is another dad's crap. So, while someone must purchase this sort of thing, the only thing that occurs when squinting at this week's objet d'eBay, a wall decoration in bronze of a baby's head and (presumably) daddy's back, is "who really thought or thinks this is a good idea or arty-but-true embodiment of father and child?"

Each father may have this sort of magic moment occassionally — although few experience it in bronze — when he is at one with his child. More often are the patches of endless time when a father would give almost anything to get around the evil gatekeeper between him and sleep, his "anti-child." In neither case does kitsch seem appropriate or representative. More accurately (assuming one is looking at the father and not being him), "comedy" describes another father's pain and attempts to do best for baby and himself:

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