Friday, January 29, 2010

Lang Odds

There are folks who really, really do not like sports bettingmeister Brandon Lang. However, that doesn't mean they should not be a ready audience for his new book, Beating the Odds. While spilling the stories of how he gets to be around famous people, he tells the tale of a Midland, Mich., high school jock who becomes a go-to guy for ESPN interviews. Showing no "greatness" but the ability to trade on the dreams of others, his life has been the impetus for a major motion picture (poorly received, but major no less) and may get his own travel channel show.

The whole attraction to gambling — and it appears the people who loathe him most are gamblers not making money from his touting — is to make a lot of something from relatively little.A quick look at the book makes it clear that it is exactly what Lang has done. Just another long odds dream gamblers can glom onto.

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