Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say You Ain't a Thug, Doug

It is in the spirit of so-much-of-fatherhood-is-being-optimistic-despite-experience-with-your-kids that we wish every, every possible iota of success for the defense in the retrial of Douglas Victor Jensen. A bit over five years ago the Australian was convicted of offing his 75-year-old beekeeping pop, who died one morning of a bullet while breakfasting.

A key piece of evidence was Jensen's book on committing crimes, well-cracked at the spine to page 145, which happened to detail how to shoot someone at the kitchen table and make it look like they committed suicide. "Young" Jensen was his own lawyer,although he also claimed his mental capacity did not allow him fitness to stand trial.

We are absolutely not rooting for father suicides, however that still seems greatly preferable to the reality and verdict of patricide. Good luck Jensen.

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