Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Son Shocked by Father

If you can't be the perfect dad — for example, raising your son not to get drunk and throw beer at police — at least be the perfect person to encourage his indignation when he gets himself into trouble. That is the lesson to be learned from son Patrick and father Thomas Mallon.

Patrick, wearing a Jets jersey outside the Indianapolis Colts' stadium, was with his dad drinking up some courage to get ready for the game his team would play for a half or so. According to police, he got drunk and disorderly. According to everyone, they tasered him and hauled him off to the hoosegow for eight hours. According to his father, a defense attorney, the police action was indefensible. Also according to the father, his son's last words from the police car were "Go Jets!"

We await the lawsuit from the proud father.

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