Friday, February 19, 2010

Bring on the Bleak

"Except for the sense of mortality that makes every dying old man a portent of what lies in store for all humanity, there is no particular reason for anyone to care about this father. But [his son] wants to love him, and tries," was how Time Magazine explained the plot of Robert Anderson's 1968 Broadway production of I Never Sang for My Father.

So, it is safe to say this isn't a great play, but it is a theme — and a story taken from the life of so many children — that cannot help but touch the heart. A classic. Something to see. And coming around one more time (there was also a 1972 movie version starring Gene Hackman, Melvyn Douglas and Estelle Parson) is a new production heading for (just off) the Great White Way.

Read it. See it. Try to figure out love enough so you don't have to live it.

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