Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Gets to Hold the Megaphone?

In a near-comic episode of boys being boys, Ron and Michael are fighting over daddy. The two Reagan sons — the first, child of Ron and Nancy who is paid to espouse more liberal views and the second, a more conservative spouter and adopted son of the former Pres and his first wife, Jane Wyatt — are constantly clashing over their father's legacy. Most recently, they have, unsurprisingly, taken opposite sides on the (who cares) debate of what POTUS 40 would think of the Teabaggers.

The winner in the clash? Both of them, for as long as interest can be drummed up in what a dead man would think today they will both continue to be employed for their connection to that man. (You don't think they've fixed it that way, do you?)

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