Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old News

"It's another manic Monday" is how NPR began today's take on the booming cohort of stay-at-home-dads. There are the standard explanations (i.e., economic transformations; changing social attitudes). Still, most of the story is the same one having been told for years (and years) now — for comparison compare (there's not much contrast) between the NPR's Yuki Noguchi's take and the Washington Post's look-see via Katherine Shaver.

It is nice that pops as tops in child care can belie headlines and plaints like "Laid-Off Dad Won't Help at Home." However, once again, we look forward to the day when dads taking care of kids doesn't qualify on radio or in print as "news."

For what it's worth, another "Manic Monday" that's nicely told, but also doesn't qualify as news

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