Saturday, March 20, 2010


Does he have your back? The answer to that can make for a perfect bonding experience between father and son. In the case of the Ferndale Riddles, Sr. and Jr., it was a near-perfect experience.

Young Riddle was in Ferndale (Mich.) Court to answer a summons for a speeding ticket. He took offense at the proceedings and, in partnership with good ole dad, he decided to take on the court officers. The men in blue, trying to clear the courtroom, used tasers as their weapon of choice. In addition to the speeding ticket, father and son are now possibly on the hook for $1000 fines and a couple years in the slammer.

It is nice that father and son are so close, still, as Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said, "This was just a simple ticket, which now could have various serious consequences for them both."

Perfection is so hard.

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