Sunday, April 25, 2010

Funny, That Doesn't Sound Like a Joke

This week's objet d'eBay is actually an important lesson from a different site of sales. You probably already know that it is a very bad idea to sell kids (on eBay or elsewhere). NOW BE WARNED: Do not even joke about selling your kids. Some people have very different sense of humor.

Joshua Stagnitto, 24 of Rochester, N.Y., thought it would be at least mildly amusing to add to throw up a Craigslist offer to sell him one- and two-year-old boys, for "child slaves and footstools," with the accessories of a 12-pack of diapers, and one dirty t-shirt. "Special pricing" was $40 dollars for one, $200 for both.

Police and child service agencies were not amused and he was arrested with a "falsely reporting an incident" charge. That doesn't seem to make any sense, but remember, not everyone has the same sense of humor.

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