Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's Looking for You, Kid

Is it a curse if your father lives forever? That is the question at the heart of Stephen Bogart's every day life.

The minor media star (think G list) is the son of the the iconic every (little) man, Humphrey, and has wrestled with being enveloped by his father's legacy pretty much every day since he was born to Bogie and [Lauren] Bacall. The elder Bogart died in body when his son was eight, but in spirit and character he is the reason people call his son out of the blue to ask somewhat random questions. In 1995 Stephen tried to come to terms with his life in Bogart: In Search of My Father. In 2010, he is still promising behind-the-scenes looks into what his dad was doing before he was born because that is what people want from him. As time has gone by and he has  searched for dad and only maybe found him, perhaps it's time he goes searching for dad's son?

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