Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whuppin' Time

One of the great and romantic visions is of a father carefully disciplining his son, teaching a lesson that will last a life time and forever curb the child of his misbehavior.

So who wouldn't believe Nasser al-Awlaqi's promise that he'll make sure his son behaves?

Unfortunately for father and son it turns out most people, particularly those in the U.S. government who are trying to toss his preacher son, Anwar, into jail.

Apparently, the g-men aren't fans of the younger al-Awlaqi's reading of religious texts — particularly the part that inspires vehement loathing and physical violence against his fellow American countrymen. Now,  maybe if father al-Awlaqi was willing to duct-tape his son and then  whip, pinch, and kick the beejezus out of his son (like the Texas dad who said he was only doing what his Bible told him was right) then maybe he could seal the deal. Until then, the son remains in the crosshairs.

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