Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buzz, Buzz

The current press buzz around Iron Man II is a lovely conceit. Word is that what plays out on screen about a wealthy, talented superduperman (i.e., Tony Stark) trying to come to terms with dad's legacy is a parallel to star Robert John Downey Jr.'s own life in the shadow of his minor league baseball player, professional pugilist, broadway playwright, film making father, Robert "A Prince" Downey Sr.

It is a lovely conceit — in life both father and son have battled with drug addiction and multiple wives and great talent that has to be reined in, while in the movie ... well the movie's a bit muddled so we'll just trust them on that. However, is it enough to try to relaunch the gate for the movie? A bit slow out of the blocks, Iron Man II has been looking to disappoint financially. Perhaps what has been needed all along is a simple father-son spin.

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