Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not So Grown

Ironically enough, if you haven't or never plan to grow up, then Grown Ups might be for you. One time fountain of weeny and whiny Saturday Night Live characters, Adam Sandler continues to write himself parts as the outcast hero — in this case mogul husband to dream wife Salma Hayek and dad of two spoiled kids — who, playing out situations that make 10th grade boys and 5th grade girls chuckle, teaches the "normals" how we're all just people.

Sandler says he based this one on his fears for the spoiled brat futures of his two young daughters. However, while the fear may be real, it doesn't quite excuse making a movie that doesn't require talent from friends greater than everyone had before you were fathers and when you were just friends, twenty, thirty years ago.

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