Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pro and Condescend

This past Sunday, The Seattle Times ran a "traditional" Father's Day story headlined, He's 'Mr. Mom' and it's the hardest job he's ever had. the article offered something of a day-in-the-life of Josh Wainscott, local guy and SAHD chasing after kids, 2 and 5 months. This tradition of running an article about a father who "acts just like a mom" is a relatively recent tradition, making up FD stories and posts for most of the past decade.

There's the traditional quote: "It's a weird, weird place for a man to be," Wainscott said. "I don't know how women do it."

And the traditional lament: "The moment I wake up, I'm changing diapers," Wainscott said. "I probably change 20 diapers a day." As well as the comments about how he has trouble playing with the mommies and there aren't enough dads in a similar situation he can talk with and... and ... well, you've probably read it all before. There is also the mention of his SAHD blog, as if taking to the internet to chronicle life as a stay-at-home-father is still revolutionary. It's a good thing; Mr. Wainscott is doing important work; but news?

So hats off (or maybe middle fingers up) to The Seattle Times for celebrating a year's old tradition of writing about fathers who take care of their kids just like real parents (i.e., moms) as a Father's Day tribute.


josh said...

I agree... not news, and nothing new. It is just something that all parents do. But you do have to agree, that it is a far, far different place from selling cars or being a bartender (being a strange place for a man to be). And you would also have to agree that there is no other job out there that requires your ALL like the job of parenting. I was really taken out of context in lots of those qoutes (actually said, I dont know how single mothers do it) But I did think that I was cool to be in the news...too bad it made me look like a puss.

whinydad said...

All we wanted to do was call out the editors for being shortsighted with the context of their story. You come across as a reasonable dad making reasonable life choices. ... AND we are sorry for coming off like we were using you to promote our prejudices in the same way as the folks at the paper. -- WD