Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dee Light?

Imagine stoner, metal marvel Ozzy Osbourne as a role model for fathers. Probably not all fathers, just fathers who want to extend or reclaim their rock celebrity. Fathers like Dee Snider, he of the Long Island lads who became Twisted Sister and then became famous for having been famous.

So just as Ozzy had his Osbournes the show that made celebs out of his kids (and furthered their own drug problems) and an America's Got Talent judge out of wife Sharon, Snider now has his Growing Up Twisted.Snider promises a cross between [Bill Cosby's fiction, perfect TV family] The Huxtables and [60s TV satirical monster family] The Munsters with him as Dr. Huxtable. Most likely, since audiences have seen this same scenario play out at least a few times since Osbourne introduced it, there will be a season or perhaps two and then general acclaim that (in the words of Twisted Sister itself) "We're Not Going To Take It! Anymore!":

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