Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding the Lost Son

The story you won't read in Bringing Jon Home is about a father renouncing a personal deity for taking his son's life. Why you don't read that one is not completely clear as Jon Francis left a note at the top of Grand Mogul Peak in Idaho reading, "All glory to God for the climb and the beautiful Sawtooths" before losing his life on the climb down.

Bringing Jon Home: The Wilderness Search for Jon FrancisInstead, David Francis writes about the search for his son that brought hundreds of family, friends and neighbors into a near year-long search for his son's body. He writes of his grief, of his frustrations and of how that experience taught him much about the life his son lives. He also writes about the origins of the Jon Francis Foundation, which supports those who search for loved ones lost in the wilderness as well as preaches safety to reduce the number of wildness mistakes and tragedies.

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