Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who Me?

There's the bad and good news discovered in the paycheck of Lionel Sims. (It's important to note we are highlighting the Baton Rouge, La., gent, not the Ellisville, Miss., cad.)

Unfortunately, Navy vet Sims continues to be father to just one. The two children for whom his paycheck was being been dunned about $100 a week are not his. Doesn't know them. Never met their mother. Until switching jobs Sims was not aware why there was such a large unexplained deduction. Now his legal eagle is on the case, Mississippi is looking into how the mistake came about and the search is on for "the other" LS.

Admittedly, $100 a week is a small price to pay for fatherhood of two. Still, it would be nice to actually meet, now and play papa bear for your children. Good luck LS (yes, both of you).

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