Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Paid Doesn't Depend on Doing a Job Well

One of the things that the marvels of science often disguise is that researching things can just be a job. It is important to remember, of course, that some jobs interest us, some don't, and some people do their jobs well and others not as much.

So today we disparage [some} science and by extension the scientists behind it. Apparently, some folks were paid to come up with statistics to support the rather unsurprising pronouncement that supportive dads produce happier sons, which seems like a good thing. Others with advanced degrees spent lots of money and time with various groups of girls so they could write papers announcing that a biological father's absence is somehow related to earlier puberty in his daughters. Then there is the blah, blah, yadda, hmmm from "experts" who have been paid to arrive at various rationalizations for the social belief that there is some sort of biological imperative in men to prefer fathering boys.

The only good to come from some folks doing a bad job poorly: it gives other people something to write about -- so, again, thanks.

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