Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let Me Show You Dad's Black Heart

Every son finds the place to his father's heart in a different way. John Gotti Jr. found his way through a willingness to whack. Junior is son of the iconic Dapper Don, who thugged his way to the top of the Gambino crime family and rotted from cancer in a jail cell for the last years of his life.

However, almost as important as finding a way to the heart is finding a way to the head and Jr. seems to have gotten there — and "there" being the place where you decide that if there is action available, you want a piece — as evidenced by his announcement that he will be selling the story of him and pops. His view: people have been making millions off his dad for years (now that they don't fear retribution) and it's about time he got his share. So,come sometime next year, expect to see a very fictionalized father-son love story set in mafialand suggestive of the Gotti's stories.

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