Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh No He Di'n't

Can standing up for one's father legally include hiding where nobody can see you and shooting spitballs at his severest critic to try and kill him via internet... all in the name of satire? Such are the issues with the trial of Raphael Haim Golb.

Closing arguments are going on in a NYC court, where Golb is being charged with engaging in a massive online attempt, using 50 or so fake identities and sending out a false admission of plagiarism, in order to discredit NYU professor Lawrence H. Schiffman who claimed Golb's pops, a University of Chicago who believed something different about the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls was a doodoohead (or something like that, it's a complicated argument of interest only to a very few academics so we apologize for the technical language). As for the emals where Schiffman is purportedly admitting to having committed professional sins, son Golb, who faces up to four years in prison, said it was all in jest ...

...As in "jest don't mess with my daddy."

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